GIS based risk assessment of oil and gas infrastructure in Sindh, Pakistan

GIS based risk assessment of oil and gas infrastructure in Sindh, Pakistan

Syed Talha Tirmizi Syed Rizwan Ul Haq Tirmizi 

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Being the lifeblood of the modern world economy, oil has been the most immensely produced, expended and traded commodity for decades. Due to the increasing prominence of oil, the security of its infrastructure and assets has become a global concern. The high cost of the infrastructure makes it the principal target for terrorist attacks and theft. In the present study, Geographic Information System (GIS) has been utilized for the prediction of high risk areas indicating the vulnerability of the infrastructure and assets, by spatial analysis. Sindh, being the richest province of Pakistan in natural resources of gas, petrol and coal, is confronting a deteriorating law and order situation. The present study infers to provide support for the safeguarding of the oil and gas industry in Sindh, Pakistan from imminent and future threats.


Oil and Gas Industry, GIS, Spatial Analysis

1. Introduction
2. Methodology
3. Results and Discussion
4. Limitations
5. Conclusion

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