Changed publication frequency of H&TECH

All who are willing to submit papers to and subscribe for the International Journal of Heat and Technology (H&TECH) should note that, from the year of 2015, the journal will publish 1 volume per year, including 4 issues altogether. Issue 1 is expected in late March, Issue 2 in late June, Issue 3 in late September and Issue 4 in late December.

H&TECH is a quarterly international Journal for Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, aimed at circulating new developments in the field of heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and their applications, predominantly (but not only) applied to heat transfer, industrial and technological processes. In addition to the principal areas of research, the journal covers research results in related fields, including combined heat and mass transfer, micro and nanoscale systems, multiphase flow, combustion, radiative transfer, porous media, cryogenics, turbulence, and thermophysical property measurements and techniques.

Advances in the understanding of heat transfer with reference to technological application continue to be crucial in achieving improved performance and efficiency in a broad range of fields. The important characteristic of the journal is the orientation to the fundamental results of the investigations of different physical processes, always jointly present in real conditions, and their mutual influence. Papers reporting the application of these disciplines to design and development, with emphasis on new technological fields, are also welcomed. Some of these new fields include microscale, electronic and mechanical systems, thermal and flow control in both the internal and external environment.


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