Continuous sampling plans: Proposal for a graphical approach

Continuous sampling plans: Proposal for a graphical approach

Maurice Pillet Stephen Blanc Thierry Gerth Fabien Dewaele

SYMME, Univ Savoie Mont Blanc, Domaine universitaire BP 80439 FR-74944 Annecy le vieux

Manuf. Horlogère ValFleurier, Les Sugits 21 - CH-2115 Buttes

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20 May 2015
6 October 2015
30 April 2016
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In customer-supplier relation, the acceptance sampling is a widespread practice despite the deployment of quality assurance. This quality control procedure aims to ensure the minimum quality of a batch from a supplier before acceptance. Different schemes for inspection are used (ISO 2859-1 / 5, ISO 3951-1 / 5) who often lead to important and costly sample sizes. Among the proposed scheme, continuous sampling plans proves less expensive constant efficiency. However there are no graphics sampling plans for continuous sampling plans when the standard deviation is unknown. This article offers a simple approach to implement in companies a continuous sampling plans for measurements in case unknown S.


acceptance sampling, measurement inspection, continuous sampling plans, operating characteristic curve

1. Introduction
2. Principe du contrôle progressif
3. Contrôle progressif pour garantir une capabilité
4. Validation de la démarche proposée
5. Conclusion

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