Ceramic monolith- and foam-structured catalysts via in-situ combustion deposition for energetic applications

Ceramic monolith- and foam-structured catalysts via in-situ combustion deposition for energetic applications

Cristina Italiano Lidia Pino Massimo Laganà Antonio Vita 

CNR-ITAE “Nicola Giordano”, Salita S. Lucia sopra Contesse 5, 98126, Messina, Italy

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30 September 2018
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In this work, the Me/CeO2 (Me = Rh, Ni) catalytic phase was in-situ deposited by the Solution Combustion Synthesis (SCS) on commercial cordierite monolith (500 cpsi) and alumina open-cell foams (20,30,40 ppi). All the coated structures were characterized by SEM/EDX to analyze the morphological characteristics of the coated films; the mechanical stability was analyzed by ultrasound tests; pressure drops at different superficial velocities were derived. The catalytic activity and stability were investigated towards Steam Reforming (SR) and Oxy-Steam Reforming (OSR) of different fuels (CH4, biogas, n-dodecane) and CO2 methanation reaction. High catalytic activity was observed for both reforming and methanation processes, following the order 500 cpsi-monolith < 20 ppi-foam < 30 ppi-foam ≈ 40 ppi-foam. Excellent long-term stability was observed over 200 h of time-on-stream (TOS)


monolith, open-cell foam, methanation, reforming, structured catalysts

1. Introduction
2. Experimental
3. Results and discussion
4. Conclusions

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