Vol 4, No 1, March 2017

Numerical study of natural convection in an inclined enclosure: application to flat plate solar collectors


Charaf-Eddine Bensaci, Adnane Labed, Miloud Zellouf, Abdelhafid Moummi

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040101

Free vibration analysis of functionally graded beams using a higher-order shear deformation theory


Zaoui F. Zohra, Hanifi H. A. Lemya, Younsi Abderahman, Meradjah Mustapha, Tounsi Abdelouahed, Ouinas Djamel

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040102

Effect of ambient condition on n-heptane droplet evaporation


Jigang Wang, Xiaorong Wang, Guilong Ren, Kai Xiang

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040103

Static analysis of P-FGM beams resting on the Winkler elastic foundations


Boukhelf Fouad, Bachir B. Mohamed, Boukhari Ahmed, Tounsi Abdelouahed, Adda B. El-abess

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040104

Structure and mechanical properties of steels for thermochemical treatment


Baya Melik, Mostapha Iezid, Fayçal Goumeidane, Messaoud Legouera

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040105

Mathematical modelling using response surface methodology for optimization of the operating conditions for esteramine production aided by solid catalyst


Haliza A. Aziz, Mohamed K. Aroua, Rozita Yusoff, Noor A. Abas, Zainab Idris, Hazimah A. Hsassan

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040106

Free vibration modelling of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes using the Differential Quadrature Method


Belhadj A., Boukhalfa A., Belalia S.A

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040107

Azeotropic points with relative volatility-prediction and calculation


Saida Fedali, Hakim Madani

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040108

Experimental characterization of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) properties of 100Cr6 steel joined by rotary friction welding method


Demouche Mourad, Ouakdi el Hedj, Louahdi Rachid, Maati Ahmed

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040109

Non-circular crane rail theory and parametric design


Chen J.L., Dong D.S., Qiao Z

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040110

The effect of the plastic instability on the behavior of an amorphous polymere


Ali B.M., Bouiadjera B.B., Chikh E.B.O., Elmeguenni M.

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040111

DMFC water management in presence of heat sources


Halitim S. Houria, Zitouni Bariza, Haddad Djamel, Benmoussa Hocine

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040112

Optimal Reactive Power Planning Considering the Adjustment Coefficient of Generator Excitation System


Bailin Liu, Xingwei Xu

DOI: 10.18280/mmep.040113