Vol 77, No 2, June 2016

COMM' HANDI: for a different communication


Patrick Abellard, Karine Bartalucci, Alexandre Abellard

Resources and cognitive accessibility: definitions, typologies and model


F. Arab

Introducing a fun karaoke workshop within a therapeutic education program: clinical findings in parkinsonian persons


Baldayrou E, Rouge M, Merelle S, Merelle G, Devevey A

Modelling seated postural stability for complete spine cord injury


M. Blandeau, T.M. Guerra, P. Pudlo, F. Gabrielli, V. Estrada-Manzo

Evaluation and optimization of a communication aid in patients with disabilities: methodological presentation


Marie-Laure Bocca, Marie-Laure Machado, Anne-Sophie Letousey, Laure-Marine Houel, Fausto Viader, Elisabeth Groussard, Carine Bourre, Axelle Baillet, Florence Lemenager, Regine Richard, Georges Lamy au Rousseau, Stéphane Besnar

Developing a culture of digital accessibility in the academic context –a guide to good practices


Dominique Archambault, Marie Carpio, Fabienne Corre

Feasibility study of hand motion analysis by the leap motion sensor


Justine Coton, Julien Veytizou, Guillaume Thomann, François Villeneuve

Cochlear implants: influence of the coding strategy on syllable recognition in noise


P.A. Cucis, C. Berger-Vachon, E. Truy, H. Thai Van, F. Millioz, S. Gallego

Human and technological means to assist travelers with disabilities: interactions and needs


V. Destin, C. Guérin, P. Soulivong, G. Uzan

Guiding wheelchairs by active optical profilometry, for persons with multiple disabilities


Clément Favey, Jose Villanueva, Aziz Zogaghi, Liam Jordan, Eric Dessailly, Yacine Bellik, René Farcy

Impact of spatial hindrance on sit-to-stand and exit strategies of low mobility passengers


F. Gabrielli, C. Molenaar, M. Blandeau, P. Pudlo

Adding a technological device to my birth body limb agenesis, between normality and disability in France


Maxime Derian, Véra Savvaki, Édouard Kleinpeter, Véronique Donzeau-Gouge, Cristina Lindenmeyer

Hand use during the lift phase of parallel sitting transfers of two spinal cord injured subjects


C. Molenaar, F. Gabrielli, M. Blandeau, P. Pudlo

Non-visual selection for word lists


Philippe Roussille

The Roberta IRONSIDE project a cognitive and physical robot coach for dependent persons


H. Sansen, G. Chollet, C. Glackin, K. Jokinen, A. Badii, M. Torres, D. Petrovska-Delacretaz, J. Boudy, S. Schlögl

Danse-doigts, a fine motor game


Jean-Ferdy Susini, Olivier Pons, Nolwenn Guedin,Catherine Thevenot

QualiTHravail®: a national observatory on health and quality of work life for employees with disabilities


Fabien Valet, Valérie Tran, Stéphanie Galvan, Bertrand Hardy, Antoine Dezalay