VOL. 65, NO. 3, March 2017

Research on assessing eco-cycle industry chain of mineral resources from the perspective of innovation-driven


Yuyan Luo, Zhong Wang, Yao Chen and Zhixue Liao

Crushing analysis of multi-layer aluminum honeycomb – experiment and numerical simulation


Weiming Luo, Shaoqing Shi, Yu Liao and Jianhu Sun

Lithology prediction and pore fluid detection of tight sandstone reservoir


Yutan Dou, Daxing Wang, Mengli Zhang and Menggang Zhang

Simulation model of the sucker rod string buckling configuration in vertical well tubing


Sun Xiurong, Dong Shimin, Wang Hongbo and Li Weicheng

Characteristic analysis of the combined retaining structure of batter anchor pile and slide-resistant pile


Yongyi Wen, Yong Lei and Huayou Liang

Medium and long-term coal demand for electricity sector forecasting based on improved seasonal adjustment model


Zhanjun Qiao

Geological controls on CBM enrichment and its exploration target optimization in the southeast Junggar basin, China


Haijiao Fu, Dazhen Tang, Linlin Wang, Shida Chen, Tao Zhang and Haiyong Wu

Relationship between the height of the compression region and the underflow concentration of a vertical silo with consecutive discharge


Weicheng Ren, Dengpan Qiao, Jun Jie Ba, and Guangtao Li

Inversion of rheological parameters of surrounding rocks in a mine roadway based on BP neural network


Hongmei Liu, Xia Meng, Wei He and Rong Li

Online learning for video probabilistic appearance manifolds recognition algorithm and its application in coal mines


Deyong Wang and Wei Wang