Current Issue

Vol 37, No 1, March 2019

The Laws of Distribution of the Values of Turbulent Thermo-physical Characteristics in the Volume of the Flows of Heat Carriers Taking into Account the Surface Forces


Yuriy Bіlonoga, Oksana Maksysko

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370101

A Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of Pulsatile Blood Flow in a Tapered Artery with a Combination of Stenosis and Aneurysm


Ahmad R. Haghighi, Nikou Pirhadi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370102

Experimental Investigation of Solidification and Remelting over Cryocooled Sphere Using Different Concentrations of Brine Solution as Phase Change Material


Manoj Kumar, Rasmikanti Biswal, Amitesh Kumar

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370103

Analytical Investigation on Solar Air Heater with Fins and Twisted Tapes


Rajesh Kumar, Prabha Chand

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370104

Free Convective Oldroyd Fluid Flow through an Annulus under Transverse Magnetic Field Using Modified Bessel Functions


Debasish Dey, Ardhendu Sekhar Khound

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370105

Effect of Inlet Temperature of Heat Transfer Fluid and Wind Velocity on the Performance of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Receiver: A Computational Study


Subhankar Ray, Arun K. Tripathy, Sudhansu S. Sahoo, Suneet Singh

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370106

Numerical Investigation with Stability Convergence Analysis of Chemically Hydromagnetic Casson Nanofluid Flow in the Effects of Thermophoresis and Brownian Motion


Munmun Mondal, Rajib Biswas, Kazi Shanchia, Mehedy Hasan, Sarder F. Ahmmed

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370107

Thermal Effect Analysis of Laser Processing Cemented Carbide Micro-texture


Quan Wan, Minli Zheng, Shucai Yang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370108

Oscillation Frequency of Flat Ring of Viscous Capillary Fluid


Alexander D. Gerber, Evgenii A. Gerber

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370109

Thermodynamic Analysis of Window Air Conditioner Using Sustainable Refrigerant R290/RE170 and R1270/RE170 Blends as Substitutes to Refrigerant R22


Sharmas Vali Shaik, Ashok Babu Talanki Puttaranga Setty

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370110

Curie Temperature of Low-dimensional Ferromagnetic Material


Shuai Zhang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370111

Heatline Visualization for Thermal Transport in Complex Solid Domains with Discrete Heat Sources at the Bottom Wall


Narasimha Suri Tinnaluri, Jaya Krishna Devanuri

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370112

Numerical Simulation of the Motion of Solid Particles in a Stirred Tank


Koorosh Zaheri, Morteza Bayareh, Afshin Ahmadi Nadooshan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370113

Kinetics Analysis on Chemical Reactions of Hydrocarbon Fuel Based on Computer Simulation


Haijun Liu, Zhiguo Liu, Nan Chen

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370114

Study of Natural Convection in Fluid-saturated Porous Thermal Insulations with Multiple Inclined Diathermal Partitions


Jayesh S. Chordiya, Ram Vinoy Sharma

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370115

Entropy Generation Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes Nanofluid 3D Flow along a Nonlinear Inclined Stretching Sheet through Porous Media


Shalini Jain, Preeti Gupta

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370116

A New Leakoff Analysis Approach for Acid Fracturing in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Gas Reservoirs


Linjing Xu, Guoyong Wang, Tianyu Liu, Naizhen Liu, Shicheng Zhang, Shiyao Sun

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370117

The Optimization of Internal Processes from a Screw Compressor with Oil Injection to Increase Performances


Sorin Neacșu, Cristian Eparu, Adrian Neacșa

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370118

Temperature and Location of Hot Spots Variation with Spacing in a Vertical Parallel Plate Channel: Conjugate View


Mohammad Samee A.D., Asif Afzal, Abdul Razak, Ramis M.K.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370119

Mechanical Properties of Resin-grouted Bolting under Thermodynamic Effect


Zhuo Yang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370120

Impact of Geometry of Electronic Components on Cooling Improvement


Abed Meghdir, Tawfik Benabdallah, Ahmed Z.E. Dellil

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370121

Controlling the Nusselt Number in a TiO2/R134a Nano-refrigerant System


Khaled M.K. Pasha

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370122

Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Recharge from South-to-North Water Division Project


Dasheng Zhang, Yongxiang Zhang, Yong Yang, Binghua Li, Qiang Li

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370123

Comparison between Approximate and Exact Analytical Heat Conduction Rates in Struts of Rectangular Profile


Antonio Campo

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370124

Dynamical Analysis and Active Control for Flow Instabilities in Boiling Microchannel


Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Sang-Do Lee, Sam-Sang You, Bui Duc Hong Phuc

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370125

Experimental Study on CH4 Displacement from Coal Seam Fractured by Liquid CO2


Xuezhao Zheng, Xilong Wang, Jun Guo, Duo Zhang, Baoyuan Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370126

Thermal and Economic Study on Building External Walls for Improving Energy Efficiency


Youcef Tamene, Lazhar Serir

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370127

Characterization and Combustion of Olive Pomace in a Fixed Bed Boiler: Effects of Particle Sizes


Mohammed Allae Bennini, Abdelghani Koukouch, Ilias Bakhattar, Mohamed Asbik, Toufik Boushaki, Brahim Sarh, Abdallah Elorf, Benoit Cagnon, Sylvie Bonnamy

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370128

Fire Resistance Behavior of Full-scale Self-thermal Insulation Sandwich Walls Made of Textile-reinforced Concrete


Linghua Shen, Jiyang Wang, Shilang Xu, Godwin Amoako-Atta

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370129

Improvements to the Heat Transfer Process on a Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Coolers System


Andres A. Sánchez-Escalona, Ever Góngora-Leyva

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370130

Suggested Model for Heat Transfer Calculation During Fluid Flow in Single Phase Inside Pipes (II)


Yanán Camaraza-Medina, Ken Mortensen-Carlson, Pratijay Guha, Ángel M. Rubio-Gonzales, Oscar M. Cruz-Fonticiella, Osvaldo F. García-Morales

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370131

An Elastic-plastic Constitutive Model of Concrete Based on Thermodynamic Principles and Its Application in Arch Dam Design


Jie Xiang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370132

Effect of Layer Arrangement on 2-D Numerical Analysis of Freezing Process in Double Layer Porous Packed Bed


Chayanon Serttikul, Ashim K. Datta, Phadungsak Rattanadecho

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370133

Computational Modelling on MHD Radiative Sisko Nanofluids Flow through a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet


Abdullah Al-Mamun, S.M. Arifuzzaman, Sk. Reza-E-Rabbi, Pronab Biswas, Md. Shakhaoath Khan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370134

Effect of Thermal Curing on Slurry Stability and Thermal Conductivity Coefficient of Aerated Concrete Based on Industrial Solid Wastes


Jun Ji, Xiaosheng Liu, Shengying Tan, Meina Wang, Wen Ni

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370135

Energy and Exergy Analyses of PV Roof Solar Collector


Ratthasak Prommas, Sahachai Phiraphat, Phadungsak Rattanadecho

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370136

Study of the Project Parameters Influence in the Performance of Solar Collectors


Lidianne de P.P Mapa, Bárbara de M. Mendes, Luís A. Bortolaia, Elisangela M. Leal

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370137

Influence of the Thermal Conductivity of Air on the Moisture Homogeneity of a Tray Dryer


Esparza E. Jessica, Grisales M.J. Felipe, Pérez S.F. José, Ordóñez S.L. Eduardo, Lobatón G.H. Fabián

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370138

Numerical Analysis of Film Cooling Shield Formed by Confined Jet Discharging on a Flat Plate


Mohammed Al-Hemyari, Mohammad O. Hamdan, Mehmet F. Orhan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370139

Cavitation in Hydraulic Turbines


Ece Ayli

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370140

Robotic Slag Offloading and Process Improvement of Magnesium Smelting in Pidgeon Process with Faster Region-based Convolutional Neural Network


Jin Hua, Lile He, Keding Yan, Min Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370141

A Steady-state Method for the Estimation of the Thermal Conductivity of a Wire


Alexis Jagueneau, Yves Jannot, Alain Degiovanni, Tingting Ding

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370142

Experimental Investigation and CFD Modeling to Assess the Performance of Solar Air Humidifier


Omar Al-Abbasi, Betul Sarac, Teoman Ayhan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.370143