Vol 36, No 3, September 2018

Application GMDH artificial neural network for modeling of Al2O3/water and Al2O3/Ethylene glycol thermal conductivity


Mohammad H. Ahmadi, Fatemeh Hajizadeh, Mohammad Rahimzadeh, Mohammad B. Shafii, Ali J. Chamkha, Giulio Lorenzini, Roghayeh Ghasempour

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360301

Mathematical modeling of pulsatile blood flow and heat transfer under magnetic and vibrating environment


Ahmad R. Haghighi, Nooshin Aliashrafi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360302

Experimental investigation and exergy analysis of an air heater with a solar concentrator used for drying processes


Housseyn Karoua, Abdelhafid Moummi, Abderrahmane Hamidat, Noureddine Moummi, Kamel Aoues, Adel Benchabane, Ahmed Benchatti

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360303

A comparison between different materials with mechanocaloric effect


Ciro Aprea, Adriana Greco, Angelo Maiorino, Claudia Masselli

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360304

Soret and hall effect on unsteady free convection flow past an infinite vertical plate with oscillatory suction velocity and variable permeability


Panneerselvi Rangasamy, Nagarathinam Murugesan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360305

Research on seepage-stress coupling analyses of shallow buried and dug vertical overlapping tunnels


Chunquan Dai, Yanxia Long, Yunlong Lv, Xiaojie Wang, Wenzeng Hou

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360306

The effects of fin height, fin-tube contact thickness and louver length on the performance of a compact fin-and-tube heat exchanger


Kourosh Javaherdeh, Ahmad Vaisi, Rouhollah Moosavi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360307

Diffusion of vehicle exhaust pollutants in typical street canyons


Naiyan Zhan, Zheng Gao, Yufeng Deng

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360308

Evaluation of using solar ammonia absorption cooling system for major cities of the Middle East


Tohid Adibi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360309

Study on the wall optimization of solar greenhouse based on temperature field experiment and CFD simulation


Yang Yu, Xiao Xu, Wenxiu Hao

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360310

Experimental study of thermal efficiency of a solar air heater with an irregularity element on absorber plate


Foued Chabane, Noureddine Moummi, Abdelhafid Brima

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360311

Dimensionless analysis of transient temperature field of surrounding rock in roadway based on Finite Volume Method


Hao Wang, Yueping Qin, Xinxing Han, Enlai Liu, Zhanyuan Dong

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360312

Investigation of maximum Nusselt number with inclined and non-confined offset jet impingement cooling


Sunil B. Ingole, Kalyan K. Sundaram

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360313

Fibre Bragg Grating sensing based temperature monitoring system of power transformer


Wei Wei, Hongzheng Mei, Peng Xue

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360314

Numerical simulation of thermal and hydraulic performance of a micro plate-pin fin heat sink


Sakine Mehrabi, Saeid Kheradmand, Omid R. Farivar

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360315

Impact of energy storage system on the point of common coupling of the distribution network containing photovoltaic plant


Hua Li, Xiaohai Wang, Wenyi Li, Baiqing Yin, Yu Xu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360316

Thermodynamic investigation and optimization Tri-generation system for the provision of power, heating, and cooling: A case study of Zahedan, Iran


Amir Ghasemkhani, Said Farahat, Mohammad M. Naserian

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360317

Flow characteristics of the new type of mixer in wastewater treatment


Fei Tian, Weidong Cao, Xiaoli Dai, Mingxiong Ou

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360318

The thermal impact of the fin tilt angle and its orientation on performance of PV cell using PCM


Mohamed L. Benlekkam, Driss Nehari, Habib I. Madani

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360319

Elastic and plastic-flow damage constitutive model of rock based on conventional triaxial compression test


Pingyuan Yang, Xiaoen Wu, Junhua Chen

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360320

Magnetohydrodynamic micropolar fluid flow in presence of nanoparticles through porous plate: A numerical study


S.M. Arifuzzaman, Md. Farid Uddin Mehedi, Abdullah Al-Mamun, Pronab Biswas, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Shakhaoath Khan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360321

Mechanism of heat transfer for gas-liquid two-phase flow in deep drilling


Richeng Zhong, Zhenbin Peng, Haidong Jiang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360322

Impact of supercharging and compression ratio on performance characteristics in a single cylinder DICI engine


Ganesh S. Warkhade, Alur V. Babu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360323

A spatial economics perspective on convergence research of carbon emissions performance in China


Jianzhou Tu, Dalai Ma

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360324

Optimization of spray parameters for effective microchannel cooling using surface response methodology


Sasmita Bal, Purna C. Mishra, Ashok K. Satapathy

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360325

Research on selective non-catalytic NOx reduction (SNCR) for diesel engine


Minggang Zheng, Yuankun Zhang, Lei Shi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360326

Analytical solution for mixed convection and MHD flow of electrically conducting non-Newtonian nanofluid with different nanoparticles: A comparative study


Bhuvnesh Sharma, Sunil Kumar, M.K. Paswan

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360327

Leak detection method for bottom plate of oil tank based on oil/gas leak detection


Fei Wang, Aishe Shui, Libei Zeng

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360328

Influence of the wettability nature of the nozzle wall on the dynamics of drop formation


Pardeep Bishnoi, Mrityunjay K. Sinha

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360329

Experimental study on flow distribution in micro backflow combustor


Junli Yu, Chungang Qu, Xuan Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360330

Double-diffusive mixed convection flow towards a convectively heated stretching sheet with non-linear thermal radiation


Mrutyunjay Das, Bhupesh K. Mahatha, Raj Nandkeolyar, Subharthi Sarkar

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360331

Characteristics analysis of mechanical seal face based on thermo-hydrodynamic effect


Yuanxiang Zhang, Yuliang Zhang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360332

Exploratory modeling and experimental investigation of a vibrating-stripe wind energy converter


Giulio Allesina, Pietro Cingi, Gabriele Gessani, Diego Angeli

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360333

Numerical simulation of 3D turbulent bend flow based on unstructured grids


Suiju Lv, Feng Gao, Chunguang Li

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360334

Numerical simulation of 3D natural convection and entropy generation in a cubic cavity equipped with an adiabatic baffle


Kaouther Ghachem, Walid Hassen, Chemseddine Maatki, Lioua Kolsi, Abdullah A.A.A. Al-Rashed, Mohamed Naceur Borjini

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360335

Temperature field distribution of a freeze sinking shaft under seepage conditions in cretaceous formation of Western China


Yao Wei, Lei Wang, Gengshe Yang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360336

Modeling the free convection in an open round cavity using a hybrid approach of Jaya optimization algorithm and neural network


Ehsan Akbari, Ali-Mohammad Karami, Mehdi Ashjaee

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360337

Thermal protection of rocket nozzle by using film cooling technology - effect of lateral curvature


Ahmed Guelailia, Azzeddine Khorsi, Abdelmadjid Boudjemai, Jin Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360338

Modelling of the thermal conductivity in cold chain logistics based on micro-PCMs


Xuanxuan Zhang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360339

CFD optimization of injection nozzles geometric dimensions of RHVT-machines in order to enhance the cooling capability


Adib Bazgir, Ali Heydari

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360340

Permeability and stability of soilbags in slope protection structures


Bo Zhou, Hongyu Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Jinghui Ji

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360341

2-D numerical modeling of flame behavior under electric field effect


Jamil Al Asfar, Shahnaz Alkhalil, Ahmad Sakhrieh, Hazem Al-Domeri

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360342

Prediction of exergetic efficiency of arc shaped wire roughened solar air heater using ANN model


Harish K. Ghritlahre, Radha K. Prasad

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360343

Comparative experiment of enhanced heat transfer performance between water-based magnetic fluid heat pipe and ordinary water heat pipe under magnetic field


Yulin Jiao, Xinhua Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360344

Day lighting and thermal analysis using various double reflective window glasses for green energy buildings


Kiran K. Gorantla, Saboor Shaik, Ashok B.T.P.R. Setty

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360345

Flow pattern and anti-silt measures of straight-edge forebay in large pump stations


Cundong Xu, Rongrong Wang, Hui Liu, Rui Zhang, Mingyan Wang, Yan Wang

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360346

Free convection heat transfer in an inclined channel asymmetrically heated in laminar regime


T. Khoualdi, M. S. Rouabah, M. Bouraoui, A. Abidi-Saadb, G. Polidori

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360347

VOF simulation studies on binary seawater droplets collision


Qianjian Guo, Xiaoni Qi, Qiang Yin, Xiaohang Qu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.360348