Vol 32, No 1-2, December 2014

Influence of thermal Radiation on Natural Convection Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid Past a Vertical Plate with Uniform Heat Flux


M.G. Reddy

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Magnetic Field Direction Effect on Natural Convection of Nanofluid-Filled Cavity


A. Mahmoudi, I. Mejri, M.A. Abbassi, A. Omri

Chemical Reaction Effect on Mhd Free Convective Mass Transfer Flow Past an Impulsively Started Vertical Plate


N. Ahmed, K.kr. Das

Influence of Additive Nacl on the Phase-Change Heat Transfer and Storage Capacity of NaNO3-KNO3 Mixture


Y. Chen, Z. Sun, J. Zhou

An Analysis of Mixed Convection Elastic-Viscous Fluid Past a Vertical Porous Plate in Presence of Induced Magnetic Field and Chemical Reaction


R. Choudhury, S. Purkayastha

Contribution to the Study of Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe) Under the Effect of Temperature and Modeling of Its Behaviour at 60℃


S. Sadoun, A. Gasmi, N.E. Zeghib, A. Yousfi

Design Optimization of thermal Heat Engines


S.A. Musmar, T. Al-Kanhal

Effect of thermal Radiation on Mhd Free Convective Oscillatory Flow between Two Vertical Parallel Plates with Periodic Plate Temperature and Dissipative Heat


D. Sarma, N. Ahmed, P.K. Mahanta

Beziér Based Shape Parameterization in High Speed Mandrel Design


L. Piancastelli, L. Frizziero, T. Bomdardi

Soret Effects in a Mhd Free Convective Flow Through a Porous Medium Bounded by an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate with Constant Heat Flux


D. Sarma, K.K. Pandit, N. Ahmed

3D CFD Exergy Analysis of the Performance of a Counter Flow Vortex Tube


S.E. Rafiee, M.M. Sadeghiazad

Experimental Studies on Turbulent Flow in Ribbed Rectangular Convergent Ducts with Different Rib Sizes


K. Sivakumar, E. Natarajan, N. Kulasekharan

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer of a thermally Radiating and Chemically Reactive Fluid Past a Vertical Plate with Newtonian Heating and Time Dependent Free-Stream


G.S. Seth, B. Kumbhakar, S. Sarkar

Effects of Pressure Work on Mhd Natural Convection Flow Along a Vertical Wavy Surface


K.H. Kabir, M.A. Alim, L.S. andallah

Hybrid Analytical Technique thermal Modeling of Gas Insulated Transmission Line


J.H. Shazly, M.B. Eteiba, Y.M. El-Sayed

Numerical Simulation of two-Phase Flow Modling of Solid Propellant Combustion


M. Rashada, X.B. Zhang

Gas-Solid Flow Modeling in a Combustion Chamber with Moving Boundary


H. El Sadek, X.B. Zhang, M. Rashada

Magnetic Field Effect on Natural Convection in a Nanofluid filled Enclosure with Non-Uniform Heating on Both Side Walls


I. Mejri, A. Mahmoudi, M.A. Abbassi, A. Omri

Impact of the Liquid Film Composition of the Water Evaporation by Free Convection


A.S. Al-Ghamdi

Interior Ballistic Study with Different Tools


H. El Sadek, X.B. Zhang, M. Rashad

Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in an Mhd Nanofluid in the Presence of Chemical Reaction and thermal Radiation


S.O. Bello, B.I. Olajuwon, S.I. Kuye

Wake Analysis from the first Principles of Hydrodynamics


P.K. Sarma, Y.V.V.S.N. Murty, R. Ghosh, M.T. Raju, Y. Radhika, R. Reddy, C.P. Ramnarayanan

Three-Dimensional Simulation of the thermal Performance of Porous Building Brick Impregnated with Phase Change Material


N.B. Khedher, S.B. Nasrallah

Improving the Performances of a Solar Cylindrical Parabolic Dual Reflection Fresnel Minor (Experimental Part)


M.H. Regue, T. Benchatti, A. Medjelled, A. Benchatti

Numerical Study of Mhd, thermal Radiation Free Convection Heat and Mass Transfer from Vertical Surfaces in Porous Media Considering Soret and Dufour Effects


D.S. Reddy, G.S. Sarma, K. Govardhan

A New Cooling Technique Using Phase Change Material in a Car Ceiling and Wall Buildings


A.F. Khadrawi, A. Balabel, Ali S.A.-Osaimy

Heat Transfer Analysis During Heat Recovery in Cylindrical Latent thermal Storage Unit


M. Teggar, E.H. Mezaache

Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Flow Around an Airfoil


Y.H. Madani, M. Bensaada, D. Rached

Performance Study of Coal-Water Gasification Process in a Texaco Gasifier


Z. Li, X.Y. Zhang, Y.Q. Lian

Analytical Model of a Machining Centre Vertical Axis with Dynamic Weight Counterbalancing by a Pneumatic Proportional Valve


G. Olmi

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Conduction-Radiation Heat Transfer in a Planar Medium


I. Mejri, A. Mahmoudi, M.A. Abbassi, A. Omri

Energy Characterization of an Unglazed PV/T Panel for The Production of Electricity, Heating and Cooling


G. Oliveti, N. Arcuri, R. Bruno, D. Girovasi

Unsteady Natural Convective Flow of a Micropolar Fluid Past a Vertical Moving Porous Plate in the Presence of Porous Medium with Radiation and Chemical Reaction


P. Loganathan, C. Sivapoornapriya

Simple Correlation to Evaluate Efficiency of Annular Elliptical Fin Circumscribing Circular Tube


H. Nemati, S. Samivand

Three-Dimension Simulation of the thermal Performance of Porous Building Brick Impregnated with Phase Change Material


N.B. Khedher, S.B. Nasrallah

Forchheimer, Non-Bouussensiq Natural Convection in Porous Media Filled Enclosure


Forchheimer, Non-Bouussensiq Natural Convection in Porous Media Filled Enclosure